Paper Tweets


6 local artists have combined their super powers to create some much needed income, get their art into the world, and help local families. This project supports 6 local artists currently.

With kids and adults at home all across the world, sending postcards can become new again. in a venue that's not much larger than a tweet a timeless message can be sent.

It's fascinating to read postcards and letters from the past. The personal comments of daily life are more personal when it's written in someone's hand, it humanizes the past. Think of how your future history will look at this time now. Consider it a twitter diary in your hands.

To this end we have created a small solution that can help everyone involved in our small artist way.

Paper Tweets brings together 6 artists that create two postcards each, postage included, together in a packet of 12 or 6 postcards, each packet will be different from another. Surprises await.

Each Post Office Tweet packet is sold for $24.95 or $12:95, cheaper than standard dime store postcards and these include postage! 

12 opportunities to send postcards from local artists to loved ones across town or across the US. (Domestic postage only). Connecting with people, especially the elderly, who have a great fondness for the mailed letter and art that can be shared from your community to theirs.

History is a beast that's hard to capture after it's passed. Postcards will give you that chance to make a piece of history for your future generations. 

The thrill of receiving a postcard from someone you love is hard to describe. Left behind in the years of email, this lost art can make a comeback. Your purchase of a Paper Tweet package will:

Support local artists

Develop writing skills for the younger set

Create a fun project for the family

Support the post office

Create memories for the future

Please the elderly.


 Your local artists participating are:

 Amber Sparkles - whimsical paintings


 April Crow Spalding - landscapes


 Jim Ryan - landscapes


 Jane Bachrach - animals


 Mark Burrows - travel


 Carol Craven - History, B&W, fine art


To make a purchase go to for 12-pack-post-cards or for 6 pack cards

If you live within the Carbondale area they will be delivered by bicycle the same or next day. Feel free to purchase for families far away to share as well!

Any questions call 970-379-4581 or email