70% Bee Pollen chocolate bar

70% Bee Pollen chocolate bar

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Öko-Caribe is a well-known plantation in the chocolate world and for good reason, they produce a great bean. Careful fermentation and conscientious drying are done professionally.

That said, Öko-Caribe beans and western Colorado Bee-pollen work so well together that your taste buds will jump. The floral notes from the pollen compliment the Öko-Caribe bean and if you look closely you can identify the flower the pollen comes from just from the color. Pollen as you might expect has a light floral taste with a powdery texture. 

Bee pollen is 40% protein and rich in amino acids. You can experience an energy boost that can last for a little while. 

If you are concerned that you might have an allergic reaction to the pollen, follow this link for more information. Glorybee.com Always err on the side of caution before delving into uncharted waters.