Sustainable Settings Ranch, Milk Chocolate bar

Sustainable Settings Ranch, Milk Chocolate bar

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Ingredients: Organic Ghana cacao, Organic cane sugar, Organic cocoa butter. Biodynamic milk powder.

 30 gram (1oz) bar

Biodynamics is a way of life that respects all life on the planet and harvests with regard to sun and moon cycles, planting when is most beneficial and harvesting at the peak, according to the system. Sustainable Settings in Carbondale Colorado has been using bio-dynamic practices for well over 10 years. Their cows are treated like royalty, grass pasture-fed (the milk flavor changes dramatically from summer to winter, you can actually taste the fresh grass in the summer).

Blended with Dominican Republic and Bolivian beans this is a powerhouse of fresh milk flavor. You can feel good, if not great, about eating this knowing the animals are treated so well.

From Sustainable Settings: Currently, our herd consists of A2/A2 Guernsey, Jersey, Dutch Belt, Normandy, and Brown Swiss cows. While Guernsey’s are the breed highest in Vitamin A content, Jersey’s are highest in butterfat. Dutch belt’s are a good dual-purpose breed. Brown Swiss are well tolerant of extreme weather, high elevation are generally docile. We’ve carefully selected our initial breeding stock from around the country to be of healthy diverse genes, concerned with quality not quantity. Our cows are fed only grass and legumes or hay, depending on the season, are holistically grazed, with no grain in their diet. All of our milkers receive Helfter’s 12 Stone Mineral Program, Organic kelp, and Redmond Salt. For more information on the 12-Stone Mineral Program please visit 

 In trials, some people who had difficulty digesting milk but had not been diagnosed with lactose intolerance or a dairy protein allergy were able to more easily digest milk with two copies of the A2 protein without discomfort. Milk that contains two copies of the A2 protein is produced by cows whose DNA naturally possess the ability to make the two copies instead of the A1-A2 combination.

Pairs well with breakfast, green apple slices, walking through a field of fresh-cut hay, dried fruits, walnuts