Coconut Milk Chocolate bar (Vegan)

Coconut Milk Chocolate bar (Vegan)

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Ingredients: Organic cacao from Ghana, Organic cane sugar, Organic coconut milk powder, Organic cocoa butter.

30 gram (1oz) bar

This Ghana bean will leave you with the flavors that are definitely chocolate but with hints of fruitiness and floral notes.

The addition of the coconut milk brings in a nuttiness that was not there before and of course lots of coconuts, not the bagged stuff from the grocery store but sweet, silky smooth and redolent of the islands. The bar reminds me of a Pina Colada but without the heavy fruit.

If you love milk chocolates you have to give this try, safe for all vegans.


Pairs well with Pina Coladas, dried mango, guava slices, dried Banana slices, sunshine, an ocean view, PETA and brazil nuts.