Drinking Chocolate - Mushroom Edition

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Drinking chocolate is NOT like hot chocolate at all. True drinking chocolate (European style) is very rich and thick. We've added 5 different mushrooms to the shredded chocolate so you can gain all of the benefits of the mushrooms along with the benefits of 70% dark chocolate BUT you have the ability to create the flavor you want! 

As a chocolate maker, I'm all about taste, but as a consumer, I'm all about health. Let's break it down:

The heroic dose: Add four heaping tablespoons of the mushroom chocolate to eight ounces of hot milk of your choice. Stir and enjoy. If you have a frother, even better. 

4 heaping tablespoons is about 40 grams of the mix. Which is about 

This 5 mushroom blend of Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, and Reishi will but a boost in your day. Formulated to replace your jittery coffee morning ritual, this will give you similar energy without the peak and the crash. The 70% chocolate blend mixed with the mushrooms leaves you feeling satisfied.