Ghana 70% Single Origin - ABOCFA plantation

Ghana 70% Single Origin - ABOCFA plantation

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Ingredients: Organic cacao from Ghana, Organic cane sugar, Organic cocoa butter.

 30 gram (1oz) bar

ABOCFA (which stands for Aponoapono Biakoye Organic Cocoa Farmer’ Association) is an organic and Fair Trade certified cooperative that is known for producing the highest quality and most transparently traded cocoa in the region. These farmers are paid a premium 43% higher than Fair Trade and Organic premiums combined, and audited regularly to ensure high ethical practices are maintained on the farms, as well as complete traceability for their cacao beans.

Fudge, Cheerios, and Peanut Butter are the predominant flavors. If you prefer a solid chocolate flavored chocolate this is the bar for you. Creamy and smooth, this bar satisfies.

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