Wholesale for retail shops

Pollinator Chocolates started in mid 2019 with a dream from chocoholic Mark Burrows. Spending several years in education, travel, and experimentation, he built a solid resume of chocolates worthy of being the finest in their class.

His dream is to spread it far and wide, which is why you've been invited to see this page. 

Pollinator Chocolate has a wholesale program with incentives to make it easy for you to carry our products.

First, each order of four or more different origins or inclusion bars comes with a beautifully handcrafted mango wood box to showcase the product.

Also included are free samples for the customer to taste, which are replenished at my expense. I've found that sales increase rapidly if they can have a taste before they buy. 


Included are the stainless steel heart tongs for customers to pick the dome shaped sample up with.


Bookmarks highlight each of the bars in the box, which the customer can take with them. These high quality pieces are actual bookmarks, with additional information about the product. They are especially useful to remind them that when they are reading their books it might be time to replenish their chocolate supply. These are branded for the chocolate only, if you wanted to share in the branding by having your name added, we are happy to talk about that.

Our generous buy-back policy is included with every order, as long as the packaging is unopened I will buy it back.


A little about what we are doing.

Single Origin

Origin is everything. Wine is famously segregated and classed by where the grapes are grown. For excellent chocolate, the same is done. Beans from cacao growing regions (20˚ north or south of the equator) are picked and the farmers are trained on how to process the “wet” beans through fermentation and drying to produce the best flavor profile.

Small batch

Once the dried beans are packaged and shipped to brokers in the US, they arrive at my door where I pick through them for bad beans and debris. I then roast for a specific time based on the character of the beans, winnow away the husk, grind into a paste, add sugar and finish grinding into the smooth creamy chocolate you expect. All at only ten pounds at a time.

Bean to bar

The process is extremely time consuming with multiple steps. Trying each origin you’ll find a unique characteristic in the flavor, Madagascar tends to be fruity, India has a very chocolaty taste, Bolivia is likened to nuts and creamy flavors. Even within countries one can have a difference of flavors, expect subtle tastes like Cherries, bananas, nuts, leather, tobacco, pineapple, coffee and more.

There are many buzz words surrounding modern chocolate. “Two-ingredient” is one of them. This means in every single-origin bar from Pollinator Chocolate, you can expect only two ingredients, Chocolate and organic sugar. No flavorings or additives like lecithin or vanilla to improve molding or hide an off-taste is ever used. The unique flavor of each bar comes exclusively from the bean and how it’s treated, first at the farm and then later by the chef. The goal is to find the flavor of the bean, which can be changed dramatically by how long it’s roasted and then ground, some even age for a few months in order to build flavor. It becomes complicated quickly with a lot of experimentation and testing.


All accounts are supported with social media marketing by my team, on my website, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We are highly motivated to help you with your sales. Your store will be listed on my site along with the address and phone number so you can be easily found.


The details:

We carry two different milks, 10 different single origin and 5 different inclusion bars. You can see all of the bars and their descriptions here: 


Our small box holds 4 rows of 10 bars each. Our large box holds 5 rows of 12 bars each. A minimum order of 40 bars is required to have a box

You can choose which bars to carry or I can pick out what I feel will do best for your store.

Single boxes are also available and work well in stores that cannot accommodate the larger display boxes. These are also wood and branded and are not disposable. They are designed to be refilled. They do not come with samples or bookmarks. 

Wholesale price per bar is $4.80 for milk and single origin and $5.40 for all inclusion bars.

Any bars that are damaged (broken, melted, etc) will be replaced at no charge unless the package is opened. 

All display boxes are complimentary for Pollinator Chocolate use only. When and if it is decided that you no longer wish to carry Pollinator Chocolate the box will be returned to us.

All sales must be paid for on receipt of delivery. It is the vendors responsibility to keep track of ordering bars, samples and bookmarks, you also have the power to decline to carry the samples and bookmarks if you do not want them, they are provided to facilitate sales. 

We will ensure you a generous supply of samples but reserve the right to replenish as supplies last and if it seems that it's just being taken advantage of by consumers we may discontinue samples. It's an experiment.

Reordering is simple. You can call or text your order, I will put it together as soon as I can. I will send you an invoice via email so you know what needs to be paid when the product arrives. Given our geographic distances I may deliver by hand or ship via USPS as available.

If you think this might be a good fit I look forward to a conversation and setting you up. Feel free to contact me at any time. Voice or text to: 970-379-4581 or email:  mark@pollinatorchocolate.com


I look forward to our future collaboration!