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The Selection

I love creating new taste combinations, like the Old fashioned bar. The creativity behind making something that is a beloved cocktail into something interesting as a chocolate bar is a challenge.

Organic where possible

Carbondale Colorado has been home to the Pollinator Chocolate Company since late 2019. I specialize in bean to bar chocolates for the chocolate connoisseur who enjoys single-origin bars and for the discriminating chocolatier and the pastry chef looking for a unique flavor for your clientele.

To the bars!

Unique Flavors

To the bars!

Our Waste Stream Commitment

Environmental responsibility is a huge part of Pollinator Chocolate's ethos. Our packaging is 100% home compostable because it's made from sugar cane waste. 

Our display boxes are made from Mango wood sourced directly from India supporting a population of crafts people and will last for years. Our delivery bags and mailers are all unbleached, "kraft" paper, easily recyclable and the filling we use to ship with is reused bubblewrap from shipments we receive and discarded paper from shredders. I promise to you that I will never purchase packaging material that will create a problem in the world's trash stream. No fancy foil wrappers.

Lastly I commute to my commercial kitchen 15 miles each way on an ebike that is rated to carry heavy loads so I don't have to drive. It also doubles as my local delivery vehicle. I hope you can join me in my precess to lighten the load on the plant and those who dwell here.

To the bars!