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Large Ecuador 70% Single Origin Bar

Large Ecuador 70% Single Origin Bar

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Ingredients: Organic Ecuador cacao, Colorado sugar, organic cocoa butter.

 60 gram (2.1oz) bar

Costa Esmeraldas is one of the best beans around, Farmed by Freddie Salazar (pic below when he stopped by my shop this summer to visit) and his family, they pay attention to quality and make sure the fermentation is solid. You can see their ethos and production here:

A fresh new flavor for us, standby while I roast some up and let you know what the taste profile is like. Almost there! (Flavor update! I'm very pleased with this bean as it comes out with strong notes of cinnamon and caramel.) But look forward to a strong base chocolate and roasted nuts. Low acidity and very low bitterness and astringency. 

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