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Large Madagascar 70% Single Origin Bar

Large Madagascar 70% Single Origin Bar

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Ingredients: Organic Madagascar cacao, Colorado sugar, Organic cocoa butter.

 60 gram (2.1oz) bar

This year instead of raspberry, it is virtually exploding with cherry and raisin. As you know, both of those fruits can have a real zing, but they also have depth. I find actually a better balance than I have some years. The chocolate level is up, astringency has dropped and there are some delicate fruit blossom aromas. If you have stayed clear of this origin in the past, than I urge you to give it a try. It could well surprise you.

On the other hand, feel free to take this very light. Tart lemonade, cherry sour kriek and NW IPA all mixed together.

This is a fine flavor grade of cocoa Trinatario from Madagascar, Sambirano Valley. It is a Single Estate Cacao from the Northern Ambanja region and is Certified Organic. 

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Pairs well with dark fruits, hammocks in palm trees, strawberries, cherries, honey, Lemurs, shortbread, coffees, teas,

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