5 years

5 years

It's been five years since 2020 dawned on my new chocolate business and man am I glad that year is over and done. I've learned so much and lost so much sleep it's kinda crazy. 

The chocolate biz is thriving, sales are up over last year, people are loving it, I'm having a great time doing it. I love my kitchen and going in every day still. Fresh chocolate? This is a good life. 

So into the future with both feet! I've had one of my favorite people working on two new designs for my chocolate. First up, bars. My bar size is growing to 55 grams, which means new molds. Laura Stover (my artist/designer) has been hard at work creating something truly beautiful. I cannot wait to show them to you. I have quotes from a mold maker and hope to have them in my hands in the next month. 

One of the artistic periods I've always enjoyed is art deco. I've recently been introduced to one of the premier woman artists of that periods estate manager and will be utilizing her art on 14 of my bars. I'm so excited and wish I could share it with you right now, but I will soon enough. 

Onward through the chocolate!

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