July 15 - One of my favorite people in the whole world is Crystal. She is my right hand in chocolate making and an all around awesome human. Her birthday was today. Last week she severed her Achilles on a ten day river trip, while dancing. I cannot think of a better reason to lay claim to why I would not be able to walk for months. She rocks a sequined dress too BTW. 

On less recent news, the chocolate manufacturing facility is coming along more quickly now! Framing is done and some drywall is going up. 

Aug 28 - Well I let that last one go too long before posting , didn't I? I'll try to keep that to a minimum. 

Crystal's healing is coming along nicely. Not much gets her down. And it certainly can't keep her there. A few more months in the air cast and then Physical Therapy. 

The storefront is coming along nicely. I wish it were open now though! Drywall is going up everywhere now that the electrical is finished and the inspection was a success. Just waiting for the service panel for the outside of the building to give me my 400 amp service which should be shipping tomorrow. 

This is my with a floor grinder to take down some of the imperfections of the concrete, especially where it's new. The goal is to be able to paint the floor.

New concrete on the plumbing as we had to move some walls to accommodate for the second ADA bathroom.

The production space, narrow but workable (I hope!) So much electrical work had to be done.

Plumbing is mostly done, some finishing touches still needs to happen. I am waiting for the day when we can sweep up all the dust and mop so we can start painting the floor! Very excited about that.

Open floor with new plumbing.

The inside of the bar area. 

The window frames ready to be put into place.

The view from the rafters. Production area on the left underneath, bar down the middle and seating area to the right.



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