It’s the new year! (Originally Posted Jan 7th 2020)

Welcome to 2020! I really want to thank you all for supporting me in my vision of bringing great chocolate to this little valley. Your support was invaluable and even more importantly, your willingness to buy my chocolates and share them with people you love. The holiday markets were amazing, I met so many new people and vendors it blows me away how creative people are around me. Thank you.

So many new things coming down the pike. Next up Valentine’s day! I have a couple of great ideas, one involving an edible box filled with chocolate goodies and another is a very nice mango wood box (non-edible!) that will have an even larger selection of chocolates. I’ll be pairing with a chocolatier to make them even more delicious.

Lastly, look forward to finding your favorite origins at a local market soon! I’m working on the paperwork to establish a commercial kitchen space to go legit so I can sell retail. I have a place to make it in Glenwood Springs Colorado with the help of a friend and his willingness to share his space. Stay tuned for details.

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