Let it snow!

Let it snow!

As I sit here, resting for the first time in weeks, the snow is lightly falling, adding to the 4 or so inches on the ground. It's supposed to be a big storm this weekend, Denver taking the brunt of the snow unfortunately. cause I'd rather have it! But a fresh snowstorm is always wonderful to watch. Especially from inside, toasty warm, sipping on a hot drinking chocolate and surrounded by tons of new flavor bars to evaluate and rate. 

New things on the horizon! I've been experimenting with adding fruit powders to my dark chocolates. Fruit powders I create from the freeze dryer I have access to. Like banana, cherry, strawberry, ginger, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and many more. But it feels like I need to step it up a notch and take those fruit flavor bars and imbed something into them as well, like toasted almonds or coconut, hazelnuts, mint leaves, mango powder and more. I'm establishing a small group of friends whom I trust to be honest regardless of my feelings to taste test each one and give me feedback on their public viability. 

Do you have a flavor combo you like? I'm happy to consider it. Meanwhile . . .


Easter and Mother's day are coming up fast. Time to get on my stick and make some fun things for those holidays. I have a feeling that celebrations will be off the hook this year with everybody coming out of lockdown and feeling safer about being in public. Cheers to that!

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