I'm really excited about this. I've been making mushroom/chocolate bars for quite a while now but never really did much marketing for them as I was never too happy with them. Why? Cause I want them to taste divine. Let's face it mushrooms are tough to get past the ol' taste buds. Bitter, earthy, and just downright unpleasant in most cases, at least if you want an amount that will do you some good.

My good friend hamilton came over last week and we stood around in my kitchen and we experimented. He brought over 7 different mushroom powders to play with. Chaga, Turkey Tail, Lions mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Oyster and Shitake. We tasted each one individually mixed with chocolate BUT I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make a drinking chocolate mushroom blend. Then we also did combinations.

The goal of the tasting was to determine what our taste buds would be able to put up with. I should add here that we made a blend of mushroom/chocolate and mixed it in a frother with almond milk. At about a 4:1 ratio of milk to chocolate blend. 

The result? we found that we could withstand "heroic" doses of mushrooms mixed with chocolate IF they were added to a solution of almond milk. Let me tell you that we were both feeling pretty jacked after an afternoon of mushrooms and chocolate. I had the best dreams the next few nights. I felt mentally sharp and energized for a couple of days.

So, I've created a blend that I've ground directly into the cocoa nibs, it's taken about 3 days to get it reduced to a silky smooth mass that could be ground into flakes and added to a drink. Now just eagerly waiting on packaging and developing my labels. I hope to have them photographed and on my website by early next week.

The downside to my five mushroom body/mind blend is that mushrooms are really expensive! I just placed an order for almost $1000 worth of mushrooms. Cacao and cacao butter themselves are pretty expensive. But each bag will be for many doses that you can regulate how much or little you want per day. I'll have guidelines on the packaging. 

I look forward to getting this out to you!

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