Still here.

It's January 3rd. 2am. I cannot sleep. I am hoping to get my CO this Friday. We'll see. After missing the entire holiday season I've lost hope. But on the plus side the place is looking great! Photos below.

Some fantastic glass art, A curated plant collection to bring some life to the space is shaping up. The espresso machine is heated and ready to go, most of the production tools are tested and ready to produce. I have a hot chocolate every day just to make sure we're on point.

Most of our staff is lined up, and after being decimated by the holidays, our bonbon selection is coming back on-line. Some amazing new flavors ready for spring and valentines day!

The place is looking pretty amazing. We cannot wait to welcome you in.

Fresh glass sculptures on the top shelf and plants for every table. 

A beautiful floor thanks to artist Gabriella Mejia and amazing wall light sculptures. We'll start with serving coffee starting at 7am till 3pm. Then after a few weeks we'll open up for deserts and a wine bar into the evening. Once were sure we've got you covered we'll open for full cocktails. 

I am so excited to bring you a drink!

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