Storefront opening!

With some of the excellent luck I've experienced this past year, it's time to open up a storefront where I can sell my chocolate directly yo the public. But we're taking it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

The move started out as a need to leave my cramped 450sq ft. space in a neighboring town and bring it to my home town, I will be able to bike to work! The new space is 1600 sq ft. And of course almost 4 times the rent I am currently paying but the upside is that I don't need all that space and can turn it into a retail space as well. Then my brain started to turn.

If the manufacturing space only takes 1/2 of the footage, how do I design the rest? I don't have THAT many bars to sell in 800sq ft. so I devised a plan to open a chocolate bar AND desert kitchen. 

The bar will be situated against the production area, so patrons can sip chocolate-centric cocktails and watch through the glass window the team in the process of making chocolate. 

By day the facility will be open for chocolate tastings, come one come all. Deserts provided by local pastry chefs will be available with counter walk up service. Trained staff will be on hand to give tours in chocolate with free tastings of the selections along with cacao tea, and sipping cacao. Of course coffee and other beverages like chocolate cream sodas will be served. Hopefully serving 7 days a week.

By night the place will be open for sit down desert's and cocktails, a much more subdued environment.

Looking for a Builder that can take this process on and get me open sooner than later!

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