summer is coming!

If this past weeks temperature variations are any indication, this summer could be the hottest yet. Which does nothing by spell trouble for chocolate makers. Last, summer because I could not find a solution that works well enough, We suspended all on-line delivers because I could not guarantee that my chocolate would arrive to you in an unmelted manner. This year promises to be different. 

After hours spent on the phone and on websites looking for solutions to this dilemma. My favorite solution, the mushroom (mycelium) "shoebox" is my favorite but the shipping of one box is the same as the price of the box! Even when I order a mass quantity. I did break down and order one box to look at and I love it even more. but with the addition of gel packs and the actual shipping, it would cost me $30 just to ship a few bars of chocolate. Which would double the price of the chocolate quickly and I don't think many people would opt for that a s a solution. Not tenable. 

Next is the "Green Cell Foam" company, I'm waiting on pricing and samples, but it looks pretty good. It's the same stuff as the peanuts you get that dissolve in water, but this is a brick that is thermally protective, especially if I add frozen gel packs that are water solution that breaks down into a nitrogen mixture that you can feed directly into your garden or house plants. That sounds very exciting to me. 

As always, I'm looking for solutions to shipping issues, if you know of anything let me know please!

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