Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Cold and somewhat blustery here in Western Colorado, but with last week's amazing weather I'll take it. A new trend is coming up with facemasks that are fun to wear! A friend of mine is making really nice ones and I asked her to make me one with some fabric I had from an old shirt that got stained. And it turned out so nice I'm asking her to make me more to give away, look forward to that in the next few weeks!

Apologies for not having a much more beautiful model, but these be the time we are in. My webpage will announce when they are ready.

Easter went pretty well considering that I started late and didn't produce all that much, but sales were on par for my laziness. Look forward to some new promotions! Right now I'm offering a purchase of four bars and I'll send one of them to the health care provider of your choice. I think this will make anyone's day to recieve a delicious bar of chocolate. Stay safe and warm out there!

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