Well THAT was a wild ride!

2023 was filled with many ups and downs. We watched as our storefront opened and customers started to pour in, thanking us for being here, a place where they can not only find great chocolate but espresso, pastries, cold drinks and a quiet place to sit and work and meet. 

With 2023 we added new bars to our lineup, like lavender, mukhwas, oat milk with hazelnuts and more. PLUS our chocolatier, Jewel, has been running at full steam (we have to order her to take a day off) creating new popular favorites, look for the boozy line!

The holidays brought us clients from Aspen with the likes of Chanel, Kendel Jenner and Prada, not to mention that the St. Regis hotel in Aspen picks us up as one of their in-room amenities (Pollen bar).

The downsides are we struggle to keep staff as everybody wants to have a particular schedule while they are in school or juggling another job. It's endemic around mountain towns. You come here to play and end up working 3 jobs to be able to afford it here. Even the HS kids who still live at home are so busy with extracurricular activities it's insane. 

I'll be posting more as I finally have some help with the front of house and financial things that kept me too busy. 

See you soon!



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