Well, THIS is different!

It's week 2 of the stay at home order. It's pretty nice actually. I like the forced "do nothing to harm another" rule. It's quiet, calm and orderly now that everyone has a four year supply of TP.

It's been a challenge to make chocolate. Fortunately, I made a great deal a few weeks ago and now I just need to get it in your hands. I have plenty in stock and it's quite delicious!

Chocolate is a new endeavor for me. My regular "day job" is as an audio/visual production coordinator has me spending a good amount of time in Aspen which is filled with festivals that keep me going all summer long. Well no more. ALL of them have canceled, which puts my income stream at zero. So chocolate.

This is my new groove, for better or worse, it's all I have and it's what I'm putting 100% of my time and energy into it. The moment retailers can carry my products again I'll be the first one out there. 

In the meantime, please take advantage of my new offer of 35% off all chocolate AND by ordering three I will send one bar to a health care professional of your choice. Just let me know who they are and hoe to get it to them. 

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