Winter wands and drinking chocolate

Winter wands and drinking chocolate

Hello again!

There are a couple of new items in the Pollinator garage. The first is a coconut milk chocolate enrobed pretzel rod coated in crushed candy cane. AKA "Camilla's Winter wand" I could tell you that Camilla is a good friend of mine who helped me come up with the name but in reality she is a wicked person who waves her wand to do only evil! The only way to undo her nasty spells is to wave your own wand and undo all of the bad bad things she has done. 

Secondly I've been wanting to produce a drinking chocolate, which I love (regardless of the maker) and am a sucker for any shop that sells it. So I had to make my own! This is a pure Single Origin from the Dominican Republic's Oko caribe plantation, rich with cherry notes and a sweetness that dominates the D.R. What the hell is drinking chocolate? It's like hot chocolate only WAY better. Hot chocolate products like Swiss Miss have a scant amount of chocolate blended with milk powder and sugar and then poured into hot water. Drinking Chocolate is pure dark chocolate with a little sugar that you would pour into a hot cup of milk of your choice. The ratio is 4 HEAPING tablespoons into 8oz of hot milk. If you have a frother, use it. The foam makes it even better. If you ever see it in a shop, buy it. 

I would recommend drinking chocolate as a proper alternative to coffee. it's significantly lower caffeine content along with a high theobromine content 

"Theobromine is an alkaloid, a family of compounds that many plants produce, including the cacao plant. Chocolate is the richest natural source of theobromine, but coffee and tea contain some of it too. Theobromine chemically resembles caffeine and has a similar stimulating effect on our brains. The combination of theobromine and caffeine found in chocolate is believed to create the small lift we feel after eating it."

Choose healthy ingredients and you'll be better off for it in the long run.

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