Bonbon mix by the each

Bonbon mix by the each

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You can choose what you want, Want three of each flavor? This is where you do it. Choose from the list below for the bonbons you want for your custom box. Flavors are subject to availability. Minimum box of 9.

Chai (GF)

Blackberry lavender (V,GF)

Mint (GF)

Balsamic Fig (V,GF)

Espresso Vanilla (GF)

Spicy Hot Chocolate (V,GF)

Cherry Chili (V,GF)

Thai Iced Tea (GF)

Hazelnut Orange (GF)

Pistachio Raspberry (V,GF)

Mango Coconut (V,GF)

Tanzanian Tamarind (V,GF)